Most stunning Royal Palace to Visit in the world

Royal palaces are the most stunning and beautiful place where people dream to live or pass some moments. Many exclusive and extraordinary designs have been used to build this. And the decoration in this palace is most stunning what catches people’s eyes for several moments. There many castles that are made with great architectural foundation and become the memorable one forever for their charming beauties. And here we are drawing several ROYAL PALACE that will blow your mind with their magnificence.

Peterhof The Great Palace, Saint Petersburg


It’s a series of royal palaces and gardens. It is located in Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia. It has built around 1720 for Peter the Great. This stunning palace still has more than 80 original marble statues and sculptures. Mind-blowing exclusive elements were use to decorate the rooms. Every corner of this palace is exceptional with a feel like the most luxurious home to live. 

Potala Royal Palace, Tibet


It’s a distinctive type of fortress that is mostly found in Bhutan and Tibet. This royal palace is from Dalai Lama from 1649 to 1959. This palace rises from a Red Mountain and in the Centre of Lhasa Valley. It has built with massive walls and gates. The turrets are built of rammed earth and stone. This palace contains 698 murals and around 10000 painted scrolls, sculptures, gold objects, historical documents, and many other stunning objects.

The Grand Royal Palace, Bangkok

Source: Grand-royal-palace-Thailand

This palace was the official residence of King Siam in 1782. It is the most famous place in Bangkok and made of impressive beautiful architecture and intricate details through Thai people.  Once, it was the Royal court and administrative seat of government. Now a day strict dress code needed to pay a visit to this Palace because it is the most sacred site and the temple of the Emerald Buddha. Here you will see the most stunning creations by Thai Peoples

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur


It’s another palace located in Jaipur, India, excellently built with red and pink sandstone in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur. This entire palace is like a honeycomb hive, which is a five-floor exterior. The moral intent to build this palace is to impress the Royal ladies and observe everyday life with festivals in the street without showing themselves to the public. This extraordinary architectural monument is capable of keeping cold inside in hot weather. Many people think that it is the front of the palace, but frankly, it’s the backside of the castle.

The Royal Palace of Versailles

Source: Royal-palace-of-Versailles

It was the principal royal residence of France since 1682 that represents the most outstanding achievement of art from France in the 17th century. This place collects around 60000 artworks from French History. And also with 2300 rooms over 63154 m2. In 1837 it became the museum of the history of France by King Louis Philippe. The stunning artwork of this palace is mind-blowing for any visitors. Here you will see the Hall of Mirrors, Kings State Apartment, Royal Chapel, Opera, and many other halls that will take you in the inner peace.

All of these are the fabulous royal palaces that bear world history in it with lots of evidence. These places are more than enough to blow your mind with just their simple beauty.

Sk. Nayab Navib
Let's see the world at most different angles to get some humorous feedback. Someone has said that winners do things differently, and we are here to bring the difference. OHH!!! Hard words!!! I'm a very simple person to trust everything easily but bears a deep thought. Thanks for being a part of my thoughts.

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