Travel to Bangladesh the Raw beauty of Nature

Travel to Bangladesh is a more exciting thing for travelers. Here they will find nature where any artificial improvement is not applied yet. With its different languages between the tribes and many other charming festivals, travelers will enjoy the several types of beauties with extreme natural art.

It’s not very hard, or you don’t need a big budget to travel to Bangladesh. Here you can enjoy the Largest see beach known as COX BAZAR. It’s very commonplace in Bangladesh for traveling. And the exciting parts are just sleeping beside the Cox Bazar district. They are the hilly districts of Bangladesh.

Three hilly districts of Bangladesh

The most exciting area for travel to Bangladesh is in the Chattagram division. The most popular Cox Bazar is also in this division. And the hilly cities are the Bandarban, which is beside Cox Bazar and will be very easy to visit after the largest sea beach. Again besides Bandarban, Youll find Rangamati and its surrounded by beautiful lakes and hills that make this place more beautiful. Now at a corner and beside Rangamati, you’ll discover Khagrachari. It’s unique for a valley and always covered with clouds.

Let’s see some brief info about these places

Cox’s Bazar

The longest natural unbroken sea-beach and the best place to travel in Bangladesh. This largest beach consists of 155 KM long intact area. This place is wonderful that attracts tourist’s interest in its unchanged length. You will find several places here to enjoy the different views of this largest beach. This place will also offer you monasteries, khyangs, and pagodas made of bronze. Three-star and five-star hotels are also available for better living with a sea view. And yes, don’t forget to visit Inani Beach in Cox’s Bazar that will inspire you with large coral stones. Teknaf will also represent you another beauty, which is in the border area between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

You may visit Himchari National Park, Aggmeda Khyang, a large Buddhist monastery, Ramu, a village where you will find many handicrafts and sanctuaries, and the Bangabandhu Safari Park.



Travel to Bangladesh and not visiting Bandarban will be the most disappointing part. It’s one of the three hill districts and is in the South-Eastern part of Bangladesh. If you start from Chattagram, it will take only two hours by bus. After reaching Bandarban, you may begin to your travel to other hill sites that are very natural with huge size hills, and the views are very interesting. Journey through a CHANDER GARI jeep will add more fun to your team to enjoy the ups and downs of this hilly track road. You are strictly not allowed to travel at night on those roads. Many amazing waterfall and tombs of tribes make this place more attractive to visitors. Their different culture will amuse you with their thoughts.

Traveling to Bandarban, you will see some cool places like Nilgiri, Nafakhum, Keokradong, the highest peak, Boga lake, Shoilo propat, Chingri Jharna, etc.



Just beside Bandarban, another hill district is Rangamati. Its surrounded by beautiful lakes and small islands in them and one of the most popular places to travel in Bangladesh. Though Kaptai Lake is human-made for KAPTAI DAM and Electric project, this place is insane to enjoy the hills view through floating on water. Here the waterfalls are much bigger, and the views are stunning to enjoy the incredible natural creation of the world.

Here you can visit for kaptai lake, suvolong jharna, national park etc.



This hilly district is also famous for paying travel in Bangladesh. The unique part here is to enjoy the SAJEK VALLEY. Though Sajek Valley is in Rangamati District but traveling it from Khagrahari is a lot easier. The valley is covered with clouds on the top of the surface of mountains. This insane place will blow your mind at the time of sunrise and is also great in the rainy season. Once you reached the top of the mountain, you will be able to see the blanket of clouds that covered all areas surrounds you. In khagrachari you will find many waterfalls, tombs from different tribes, and a cave. The supper enjoyed festival is known as BIJU that is the first day of Bengali year, and this happens for around 15 days. Their culture and behavior with several eating habits are very delicious to enjoy and celebrate.



All of these are the most interesting places while you are thinking about travel to Bangladesh. These natural beauties will cheer you up with the hill tracks roads and amuse you with their natural beauties.

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