New Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

Samsung has recently announced this latest curved gaming monitor that will take your adventures in another level of joy. This 1000R Samsung Odyssey G9 gaming monitor will make all of your imagination real with your PlayStation. The QLED will ensure you the pixel perfect footage quality in every frame, from deep black to any colors. To provide the highest class of color, this QLED creates 125% more color space comparing with sRGB.

And you will have the experience of enjoying every scene or moment of the game as you are living this with the 1000 HDR unparalleled depth. And also with Dual QHD display.

Source: Samsung-Odyssey-G9-Gaming-Monitor

This monitor will allow you to open various windows and pause your game, which way more interactive. All in one screen ability with 49-inch ultra-wide curved panel. Full G-Sync and free sync support will help to match every frame from your graphics card. And it won’t break any moment of your gaming.

Why you will love this

This gaming monitor will increase your joys of playing the game at a more advanced level, and the adventures will cheer you up in any situation. As for excellent focus, you will get success in every attempt by completing all your missions faster. Unbreakable visions are the most substantial thing that this monitor bears with.

Because you are investing your thousands of money on getting the best experience of gaming, so why you should not spend some more with this best gaming monitor. This will enhance your visual response more that you will satisfy with getting this best new Samsung Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor.

Its resolution is Dual Quad HD 5120X1440 and size 49inch with 240 GHz QLED panel. The pixel response time is 1ms and boasts of 1000 bits peak brightness.

Are you addicted to games that only give you pleasure? If you are a person, who gets kicked only by playing the game and can’t even think without games, this monitor is especially for you. Get rid of your vision problems and screen issues and get this gaming monitor to feel the game live. 

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