Five Latest TV Technologies

TV technologies are changing since the first one, recognized as the black and white TV. Since then, from coloring it to make it able to play games and using internet facilities, it has changed a lot more. Even it again has upgraded with five latest TV technologies. If our great grandfather saw this newest TV, they would think that what might be this surprise box is. It’s beyond description that in how many ways it has changed with the circling of time and inventions.

Source: LG

THE latest TVs are coming with another five technologies that will change the way you watch it. Nowadays, you are enjoying TV for gaming, watching movies, or using the internet on your television. But imagine what the five latest features are upcoming. Stick to this for the news.

Dolby Vision IQ

Several times you may have felt the dim screens on your TV, and now congratulations, who hate this going to rid of this issue. Dolby Vision is going to make this better since the past. It’s going to make the scene better in any type of room. Many movies picture quality wasn’t possible to increase by television, but now the latest TV technologies like Dolby’s vision will fix this issue.

Although only some of us may enjoy this DOLBY VISION IQ feature in 2020 with the LG and Panasonic OLED ranges, it may going to popular in the following years with others.

HDMI 2.1

HDMI that refers High Definition Multimedia Interface has already changed the vision in revolutionary ways and again coming with updates at 2.1 level.  It will support 8K and 4K with 60 and 120 frames per second. This quick and faster refresh rate will bring changes to skip and change media faster. The gamers and movie lovers will get more entertained with this latest feature.

As the development will be continued with more upgrades on HDMI, we may expect more specifications soon with the latest TV technologies. And another thing, LG has four HDMI 2.1 ports on its TV where the latest Samsung bears it on only one port.

Samsung Tap View

This insane latest TV feature will mirror your phone on the TV screen of the latest Samsung TV. You can instantly start with just a tap and can share the vision of your phone to TV. Revising pictures or videos of your phone on a TV screen with a broader view is a great thing to watch. This tech support both android and IOS. You can also enjoy the physical touch on your phone and enjoy it on TV. It works through NFC mode, which receives the transmission and connects both of them.


This feature is for gamers who can connect their particulars on TV. This will be a game-changer who is bored with Monitor and can turn onto TV’s now. You will find some supported models of this featured TV from LG. This tech is synced with TV, and the refresh rate is excellent with a supportive frame rate that can make this thing possible and impressive. After plugging in a compatible LG TV, the refresh rates will go up to 120Hz.


This technology refers to Organic Light-Emitting Diodes. Its pixels are self-illuminating, and you can enjoy a wider viewing angle.  In this feature, when you connect electricity, a bright light will emit to make every pixel a perfect comprehensive look. This TV does not require a backlight and much efficient than LCD TV. Faster refresh rate and lower power consumption also are in its ability.

Source: LG

Tech is advancing every moment from when it has created, and running faster, it is making possible many impossible. These are just more than insane. And this TV technology is also enhancing the capabilities that we can measure from the past to present abilities of it. Hope we will catch more possibilities in the future.  

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