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Five best movies to watch now


The best movies are always in demand as the world is a great fan of entertainment. So what are you thinking about? Which movies are great to you? Here we bring five best movies to watch and get entertained.

It is not necessary to watch only action or fiction movies always to get entertained.

Many different types of movies contain enjoyment in a different path. You may love to walk the unknown way that might bring the new treasure to you. But you must have that ability to feel the emotions to get your mind blown.

Let’s dive in the list of best movies you have missed.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always

It’s a story of 17 years old girl. She gets an unintended pregnancy and travels to New York for an abortion. As a friend, her cousin Skylar traveled with her for help. They lead a frustration full life there with an empty pocket. Several pathetic decisions bound them to take. Fortune was so bad to them in a new city.

This best movie is from American-British Drama film and is very heart touching for movie lovers to get emotional.

Gretel & Hansel

We all may know about the German story Hansel and Gretel. This best movie is based on Hansel and Gretel’s story. It’s a fiction movie that everyone will love to see. This film’s direction form OZ Perkins and the scenes are varied mysterious, like fairy tales.

Gretel & Hansel.

If you are a younger aged people, I bet you will enjoy this movie much because this best movie is categorized with all Fantasy, Horror, Mystery topics that are bound to give you joy.

The Invisible Man

This movie belongs to the crazy lovers. A crazy scientist discovers to become invisible and start stalking his ex-girlfriend. In this story, you will love those scenes of escaping from an invisible person and protecting her own.


This is a horror sci-fi movie directed by Leigh Whannell released in March 2019. It will teach you how to fight back and be strong in any circumstance.

Bad Education

Bad Education is one of the best movies from American dark comedy. This is an excellent example and an eye-opening film for the broken school’s education system. It’s also based on a true story, and that delivers a lot to learn. This film is distributed internationally by HBO, and it reveals the real story of fraud in the public school.

Bad Education

Birds of Prey

Birds of prey are a superhero comic-based characters movie. This best movie has launched after the great movie Suicide Squad, and the Harley Quinn, who braked up with joker, leads an extraordinary character here. They have a women team to succeed in their goals.

Birds of Prey

This movie has released in January 2020, and the box office was around $201.8 million. This is super fun and violent full movie that are not for kids.

These are some best movies in my opinion that you need to watch if you are a movie lover. There are also many other movies that will blow your mind. Let’s see them next.



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